The kiss of the black widow

Morning mist on the window reminds me of that morning
When, mesmerized, I fell and craved for your kisses.
Poor butterflies now trapped inside
Trying to fly - fools ! - on feeble recollection

Already, the bite spreads its poison inside
And feversish, I see demons surrounding me
That one is Passion ; that one, Jealousy
Oh, Envy, Sorrow and Impatience ! I so didn't miss you !

Each second - or are they days ? - gets me weaker
Gets them stronger
Something's got to give

Drum beats on my marching below
restless harrassment of any given day

Ophelia, i'm sorry... Will you still visit me at night
When i'll be down for good, when i'll have lost that light ?

© CÉNA – Claude-Étienne Armingaud – 2002