*Ask Mister keyboard for some goodnight words*

Unspoken words can make it through the distance
And through the boundaries of life.
I'll always care for you
No matter where I stand,
No matter where you hide.

My love for you's so strong
It's binding my reason now
Passion takes its toll
On the altar of logic.

Who cares anyway,
Since happiness never belonged
To the whirpool of commoners' stream.

Be mine tonight, darlin
And let's make that night eternal.
Be mine, my sweetheart,
And never again shall we part.

I don't have much to offer
But my whole life is yours.
Modest as i am, it's still quite a lot, though ;)
Yet wonderful as you are, i'm the winner here.

Je t'aime, in my language, might sound sexy to you,
I love you, in your mouth, is of an even more precious kind.

Unspoken words witnessed our actions,
The bound is here,
And never shall it break.

I love you, Pommy,
Now and forever.
Through this life, and ever after.

© CÉNA – Claude-Étienne Armingaud – 2002