Eighteen out of twenty-one make three
Fate drops the clues to you on my way
And one month ago today
You appeared in the light, set me free.

Searching for you still ain't easy
Pillows on the way, work taking all our days
A glimpse, a word, a sound...
- It was worth waking up afterall.

Longing for your touch, craving for a kiss !
A life made of envy... come and absolve me,
My beloved sweet saint of temptation !

But distant are the bells of your laugh
Still my frienzied mind hears them loud
Freeze time just five minutes for a little day-dream
- So my soul gets back where it's once been

Kiss me, just once more, please - before I go
- Taste like honey and absolute
Drowning under your attention, yet beggar for love.

I've known worse positions, though.

© CÉNA – Claude-Étienne Armingaud – 2002