See S.a.W., Hear S.a.W.

Blue sky reflected in my watery eyes
Makes me think about yours
Makes me think about us
And the laughs we shared on your playground.

Growing up ain't easy,
For it brings responsabilities
But it doesn't mean you only
Have to live to please the others.

You talk to her, but she cannot hear
You're crying your heart out, she ain't here
You fancy the violin you never seen her play
And she never called you "sweetheart" anyway.

I love you, like they say, trully-madly-deeply
Yet silence on the phone for the first time was scary
Pushing you away, trying to see
If you can tame the brest inside of me.

You didn't move nor say anything
Maybe you too were crying
Think how us two could have been cumming
Together, proof is now it'll never.

Sing along the soundtrack of that month
For that's all you had before she bounced
Like Poor John, got to hide that love away
And she never called you "sweetheart" anyway.

Twenty-one is still too young
To swear i'll never love again
Yet this summer heard it twice
2001 : And odissey of Sorrow and Pain

I think i love them, then why do they flee ?
Maybe the problem just comes from me
August this year, tastes of acid like May
And she never called you "sweetheart" anyway.

Yet among these, here she stands still all faithful.
Because you can't escape her, you're comforted
One thing in life will never disappoint you
She's the LAdy drapped in Dark Night Blue

But you don't mind, now or later,
Cause they will write "she loved him, and he loved her"
You cannot believe the last I love you was today
But she never called you "sweetheart" anyway.

© CÉNA – Claude-Étienne Armingaud – 2002