My sanity feels like a cold gun on my temple
I don't want to do that yet i have to
But it ain't no decision to be taken alone
Everyone gets its share

My heart is drying on my face
As your pictures remain all over the place
As your letters are now gently fold into the box
Where now they belong.

I'll cherrish those moments,
Hoping for soon to start it all over
You're my One
My mind translocate on the radio
"But i'm feeling more alone than I've ever had before"

It's now cold in my daydreams
Away from that midsummer heaven
Away from the one you love
Away from her words and thoughts.

"Weak as I am", yeah, so much tears for you
To water the flowers i didn't have time to get.

The phone rings, i hope for you
Just Mum caring for baby blue...

If only i could get rid of a feeling
It wouldn't be love, no...
It would be hope, that makes love unappreciable.

Twenty-one, only, yet already
Wishing for that daydream to come true
Waiting for you to get through
And sort things out.

My whole body's shaking
Yelling at me for what i did
Missing yours more than myself.

You're so wonderful, and deserve happiness
And if not by or with me, i'll just crawl away.

Eighteen, you're so young, life's ahead.
No one could hold much anger for long.
No one could blame you for listening to happiness calling.
As no one can force you to hear it either.

Last verses for you, doubtful
But i'll keep my thoughts for me now
Until you say the word,
Until you come into my world,
Where i'll show you my playground

The lullaby will now fly
Back to that queendom i'm leaving
And my I love you echoes in the silence of the phone.

© CÉNA – Claude-Étienne Armingaud – 2002