Don't know why i'm waiting,
Must be that i have nothing else to do.
Living in a dream
Escaping from this sadness realm.
Airy pillows of cotton candy
As walls from my childhood
Against the bitter bites of your reality.
The phone's hitching,
Trying to hold back.
A deep breath, and i'll go some more
Deeper, longer, dreamer.

Losers look for an excuse,
Winners, for a way to do it.
I am just a dreamer
Too lazy to do the first move,
laying clues on my ways
foolishly thinking someone will grab them.
Screaming "back off" not to cry "i love you",
And it is working just too well -- you're running away.

Damon's on the radio whines,
"Take me away from this big bad place
And feel free to marry me
So we could start over again.

I love you,
You do not.
Maybe did once.
Maybe will again.
Time will tell,
and I'll be waiting.

© CÉNA – Claude-Étienne Armingaud – 2002