? Why ?

The butterflies are now rotting
In the bitter acid of your undecision
Something had to give
In the obsolete love factory.

It ain't even that you didn't make a move,
Just, you let me believe in us
When you only foresee him
As the cocoon feels so comfy

It's ain't that you haven't broken up - yet ?
It's worse !
You barely, shortly considered it
Before finding yet another excuse

Back in the sea of faces called Paris
I'm a shadow among other shadows
ONe more brainless thoughtless zombie
Carried away on the tragic Merry-Go-Round of life

Life alone
Life of all one's
My life for you
This life is through

Why - all that comes to my mind
It didn't have to be this way
Think of this fair and kind
Exchange of souls ... Faded !

Will my feelings vanish
If I make me puke ?

Will it hurt a tad less
Once I fall out ?

Will now the ghosts of past passions
Add up at night ?

My cavern awaits me now
It's warm and comfy in here
And i'm the king of my world
They say i'm arrogant ; i'm just entertaining myself

No self-pity ehre, realism
No pessimism here, opened consciousness
Lucidity of all times...
It is getting colder everyday.

© CÉNA – Claude-Étienne Armingaud – 2002